Your Stress Strategy

Your complete guide to restoring energy, supporting hormones, and filling your days with calm.


What if I told you, that you can look after your family without sacrificing your energy, hormone health and happiness?

Well it is true and I am on a mission to show you how!

Does this sound familiar?

The root cause of so many health issues we experience as women is STRESS.

However, I constantly see women searching for answers in their health without ever addressing the basics of handling stress & taking care of themselves.

If you want to balance your hormones and start to feel your best, you have to first learn how to manage your stress.

When you learn how to manage your stress...

OMG! Tell me more!

Introducing...Your Stress Strategy

Everything you need to know about managing your stress and living in calm, balance and health. 

Free yourself from overwhelm and exhaustion!

In 'Your Stress Strategy' you will gain so much understanding about YOUR body and what it needs. You will be equipped with practical tools that will make including self care in your daily routine, simple. And you will feel empowered to start making changes in your life. 
Yes please!
"I really loved that Heather was able to listen to what I'm going through then take some of my chaos and put it into a simple yet highly affective guide. She helped me realize small changes on a regular basis could have a big impact on stress and how important it is to manage stress on a regular basis. She is highly knowledgeable  and offered a lot of suggestions that were very helpful!"

If we don't learn how to manage our stress...

  • We end up snapping at our loved ones. 
  • We struggle to "turn off" at bedtime. 
  • We have crazy breakouts, PMS or other symptoms of hormonal imbalance.
  • We feel overwhelmed and ineffective. 
Because if we don't prioritize self care and work at lowering our stress, we run out of energy to give to the things that are most important to us: our husbands, kids, work and homes. We end up falling short in all of those areas which leaves us feeling like a failure.

You deserve to have abundant energy, joy and calm in your life right NOW.

And it starts with prioritizing self care and lowering your stress so that you have enough energy to give to the things that are most important to you.

This course is for you if...

  • You don't know where to begin with balancing your hormones.

  • You are so done with feeling crappy, overwhelmed and exhausted ALL THE TIME.

  • You are tired of getting your hopes up, only to have them crushed again when you feel like you can't "stick" with it once again. 

  • You have had enough of feeling like your body is a mess and you can't fix it. 

  • You want MORE energy, calm and happiness in your life. 

"Friends...Heather is an amazing gift to the health community! 
She not only validated that what I was feeling was real, but was able to offer simple changes in my day to day living that was able to create drastic changes. I feel incredibly blessed to have been led to her and cannot recommend her enough. 
My life is forever changed because of her. Thank you Heather for giving me freedom to live the way I’ve wanted to for years." 

What is included?

7 learning modules

That dive into how stress impacts your hormones, how to understand what your body is trying to tell you, as well as practical tips to help you decrease your stress. 

Bonus resources

That will teach you how to exercise without jacking up your hormones. How to identify your precise self-care needs. As well as a toolkit which includes stress relievers that take 5 minutes or less! 

An action plan

Which brings all that you have learned together. It's all mapped out for you with examples of how to incorporate stress management into your day to day life.

Here is what you will learn

Learn how to shift your mindset around self care and understand why lowering your stress is so important for your health and wellbeing.

Learn about how stress impacts your hormones and body. As well as how your body communicates with you. Figure out the sources of stress in your life.

Learn how to practice self care for healthy hormones and create your own personalized, self care strategy.

Learn how to incorporate new routines and rhythms into your life that lower your stress and support your hormones.

Learn how to use exercise to lower your stress. Includes free workout resources.

Learn how you can prepare for stressful weeks and your period week.

Learn how to eat to lower stress. Including snack ideas and supplement recommendations.

Everything you need to restore energy, health and calm.


Hi, I'm Heather

I am a holistic pharmacist which basically means 
that I like to look at simple, natural, diet and lifestyle changes we can make to improve our health. 

I am passionate about working with woman who feel lost, stuck, defeated, and hopeless with their current healthcare. 

Together, I want us to journey through the education of healing options, that empower you so that you know you are not broken and you learn how to trust your body again. I am here to encourage you, each step of the way!
"Your compassion and care for helping women definitely shines through. I loved how simple and practical, not to mention inexpensive your recommendations are. You truly took the overwhelm and guess work out of healing myself from the inside out."

Take back control of your health!

You deserve to have abundant energy, joy and calm in your life right NOW. 
  • Not in six months time. 
  • Not once your kids leave home or start school again. 
  • Not once you have a different job. 

You can (and should) start feeling your absolute best right now. 

I don't want you to stay stuck in the same old patterns of putting everyone else first and giving yourself the leftovers of your time and energy. I don't think you want that for yourself either right?

This course could seriously change your LIFE...

  • You will gain so much understanding about YOUR body and what it needs.

  • You will be equipped with practical tools that will make including self care in your daily routine, simple. 

  • You will feel empowered to start making changes in your life. 

And most importantly, you will restore energy, health and calm in your life.

Do this for yourself.

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